Won “I and IBM 2015” Creative Thinking Contest

This afternoon I was working from home and doing some task on our ESXi host when suddenly my friend “ping” me.

Ping is a term we use in the office when someone initiates chat in our internal instant messaging system called Sametime, part of Lotus Notes product.

“Congrats bro!!”, he said.
“Wat”, I said. Using a Singlish.

Then he sent me the above screenshot and I was shocked. The contest itself was already few months ago and I forgot about it. I’ve won? 2nd place! ^^

The first person I contacted was my wife then Oom JH and Pak BG. As you may already guess, I like writings a lot, especially fiction. The prize of this writing contest is not much but what I treasure the most is the recognition and the feeling of accomplishment to be able to come out of as one of the winners among of the many participants in IBM across the world.

Thank you, Lord for showing me the sign ^^

To dream and to write
Singapore, 20 November 2012

P.S. My novel is coming soon in December (in Bahasa Indonesia), will be available in ibook, kindle, and paperback ^^